Business Continuity Management

About This Course

In our financial industry, setting out sound business continuity management (BCM) principles is important for our financial institutions to adopt, so as to strengthen their ability to recover critical business functions in the event of disruptions. The key principles for financial institutions to apply take into consideration the activities that they engage in and the markets in which they conduct transactions.

Learning Outcomes


  • That BCM is the responsibilities of the board of directors and senior management
  • The recovery strategies and recovery time objectives
  • Interdependency risk
  • What is wide-area disruptions
  • Concentration risk
  • The need to test business continuity plans

Module 1: Who is Responsible for Business Continuity Management?

  • The Need for Business Continuity Management
  • Responsibility
  • The Expectation of Customers and Counterparties

Module 2: Recovery Strategies and Recovery Time Objectives

  • Critical Business Activities
  • Recovery Time Objectives
  • Incidents Management

Module 3: Interdependency Risk

  • Risk Management
  • Vendors Management

Module 4: Wide-Area Disruptions

  • Plan for Wide-Area Disruptions
  • Pandemic Preparation

Module 5: Concentration Risk

  • Separation Policy

Module 6: Testing of Business Continuity Plans

  • Financial Institution’s Readiness
  • Document Test Results and Constantly Make Improvements Needed

Module 7: Case in Focus


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Business Continuity Management


Course Features
  • CPD
    1 Hour
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