Technologies Behind the Bitcoin and its Blockchain

About This Course

To most people, attention has always been on the cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins, ripples, litecoins…etc. However, what is behind all the hype and euphoria on these “new new” things is a much deeper and more meaningful technology, which is the blockchain. This course will explore some of the technologies behind the bitcoin and its blockchain.

Learning Outcomes

  • Potential disruptions from blockchain technology in financial services sector
  • Proposed use cases of blockchain in financial services sector
  • Cryptocurrencies and validity as currencies
  • Different types of blockchain
  • Blockchain structure
  • Cryptographic foundations
  • Miners and proof-of-work
  • Storing cryptocurrencies
  • Smart contracts

Module 1: The Blockchain Disruption

  • Reduction of Fraud
  • Payments
  • KYC
  • Syndicated Lending
  • Trade Finance
  • Trading Platforms
  • Insurenace
  • Challenges

Module 2: Cryptocurrencies: The Rise of Decentralised Money

  • What are Cryptocurrencies?
  • What is Money?
  • Are Cryptocurrencies Money?
  • What is the Economic Signifcance of Cryptocurrencies?
  • Challenger to the Traditional Pillars of the Financial System

Module 3: Different Types of Blockchain

  • Distributed Network
  • Immutable Data
  • The Blockchain Structure
  • Evolution of Blockchain

Module 4: Technologies Behind the Bitcoin and Its Blockchain

  • Bitcoin Blockchain
  • Cryptography and Cryptocurrencies
  • Cryptographic Hash Functions and Blockchain
  • Hash Pointers and Data Structures
  • Miners and the Proof-of-Work
  • Digital Signatures

Module 5: Storing and Using Bitcoins

  • Simple Local Storage
  • Hot and Cold Storage
  • Online Wallets
  • Bitcoin Exchanges

Module 6: Smart Contracts

  • Common Use Cases of Smart Contracts

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Technologies Behind the Bitcoin and its Blockchain


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  • CPD
    2 Hours
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