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This course focuses on how the use of new technologies, in particular artificial intelligence (AI), is changing the banking and private wealth management industry. We will start by having an overview of how the industry has evolved as more technology is deployed in the areas of financial advisory and client engagement. We will then elaborate on the new areas of competition the industry faces and how banks are preparing and using the latest technologies to compete effectively.

Next the course will give you an introduction to the latest technologies that are being deployed in the industry including robo-advisory, robotic process automation(RPA), blockchain, and machine learning technologies. We then highlight some results from financial institutions that have utilised these technologies including the impact on on-boarding, customer relationship management and compliance.

Target Audience

All levels of bank officers or higher that would like to get an overview of the impact of technology on banking and private wealth.

Course Objectives

  • Understand competitors in banking and private wealth management
  • Awareness of how artificial intelligence works (eg. robo-advisory, blockchain, RPA)
  • Understand how to these technologies will impact the bank from 3 areas:
    • On-boarding
    • Client engagement and relationship management
    • Compliance

Course Outline

Overview of the changing banking and private wealth management

  • Challenges faced by the industry
  • Industry response to the challenges
  • How technology help to address challenges

A brief introduction to artificial intelligence and other technologies

  • What is artificial intelligence, robo-advisors, machine learning, etc
  • Other technologies impacting industry: Machine Learning/ Blockchain/ Robotic Process Automation, etc.
  • Evolution of the technology over the decades
  • Areas where AI is already being deployed successfully
  • Which areas it will be deployed in the industry

The Impact of Technology on Banks

  • On-boarding
    • Examples of technologies
    • Impact on banks’ efficiency and performance
  • Customer engagement /relationship management
    • Examples of technologies
    • Impact on banks’ efficiency and performance
  • Compliance
    • Examples of technologies
    • Impact on banks’ efficiency and performance


  • Key takeaways