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This 3-hour course provides a comprehensive overview of the economic and technological environment surrounding the emergence of cryptocurrencies. The course will go on to explore the various ways to analyze bitcoins and ICOs.

Target Audience

  • Covered persons working in private banks
  • Wealth advisers
  • Financial professionals in the banking and financial services industry

Course Objectives

  • Understanding what is cryptocurrency technology stack and where blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICOs fit in the stack
  • Understand the most important cryptocurrencies in existence and how they work
  • Understand how to analyze cryptocurrencies fundamentally
  • Know the various frameworks being utilized by the professionals to understand the “valuation” of cryptocurrencies
  • Understand how ICOs work and their “investibility”

Course Outline

Cryptocurrency Technology Stack

  • The Blockchain
    • Private vs. Public Blockchains
  • The Protocol Layer
  • The Tokens
  • The Application Layer
    • Token Sale and ICO


  • The Top 10
  • Digital Siblings
    • Eldest: Bitcoin
    • Other Siblings: Altcoins
    • Litecoin
    • Ripple
    • Ethereum

“Fundamental Analysis” of Cryptocurrencies

  • RIMD
    • Reasons or Existence (R)
    • Issuance Model (I)
    • Miners (M)
    • Developers (D)

“Valuation Frameworks” for Cryptocurrencies

  • Framework 1: Utility and Speculative Value
  • Framework 2: As a Technology/Network
  • Framework 3: Using Hash Rate
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Would Bitcoin Appeal to Investors?

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

  • How is Money Raised?
  • Where are the New Tokens Stored?
  • ICO vs. IPO
  • Steps to an ICO
  • Analyzing Companies Running ICOs
  • Risks of ICOs