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Capital markets are turbulent. Financial professionals and general bankers alike need to have a strong foundation on the fundamentals of various investment instruments. This course aims to provide that strong level of foundation.

Given the changing nature of capital markets, this course will be renewed/refreshed periodically to focus on the various topics of relevance/importance in equities, commodities, and unit trusts.

Target Audience

  • Private bankers
  • Relationship managers
  • Front-line employees in Commercial and Retail Banking, Stockbroking, and Risk

Course Objectives

  • Understand and carry out financial analysis for equities and employ common valuation approaches
  • Fundamental knowledge on unit trusts and fund analytics
  • Fundamental knowledge on commodities as an investment asset and risk transfer vehicle

Course Outline


  • 4-step analysis framework
    • Step 1: Idea generation
    • Step 2: Business analysis
    • Step 3: Financial Analysis
    • Step 4: Valuation
  • Setting the price target

Unit Trusts

  • Fund descriptions
  • Key fund facts
  • Fund composition
  • Fund statistics
  • Investment perspectives
  • Fund deployment
    • Growth cycle and asset class performance
    • Sector adjustments


  • Overview of commodities as an asset class
  • Types of commodities
  • Investing in commodities
  • Investment vehicles