Key Macroeconomic Concepts for Financial Professionals

About This Course

This 1-day course provides a comprehensive understanding of the various Macroeconomic concepts commonly deployed in the financial industry. Be it in the formulation of investment strategies or a broad appreciation of how the various segments of the financial industry are interlinked via the common thread of macro-economic environment, a good and broad understanding of macroeconomic concepts is essential for a financial professional to function well and advance in his/her career in the industry.

This course covers the basics of key macroeconomic concepts but also go beyond that and address the practical usage of that knowledge; without going to the extent of being too technical and arcane.

Who Should Attend

  • Covered persons working in private banks
  • Wealth advisers
  • Financial professionals in the banking and financial services industry

Why Economic Growth Matters?

  • Trend vs. cycle
  • Measures of growth
  • 4 ways to analyse GDP
  • Growth fundamentals and the investors

Business Cycle Fundamentals

  • Investment and the cycle
  • The inventory cycle
  • The role of leading indicators
  • Where does the recovery come from?
  • Business cycle and asset class performance
  • Is there a world business cycle?

Asset Prices and the Economy

  • How asset prices affect the economy
  • Asset prices and economy policy

Economic Indicators

  • Key in interpretations
  • Most influential U.S. economic indicators
    • Employment
    • Consumer spending and confidence
    • National output and inventories
    • Housing and construction
    • Prices, productivity and wages
  • International economic indicators
    • German figures
    • Japan figures
    • Chinese figures

Other Topics Worth Exploring

  • Is Inflation Dead?
  • Inflation targeting
  • The threat of deflation
  • What are central banks trying to do?
  • Assessing the policy stance and the Taylor Rule
  • Why fiscal policy does not always work
  • Fiscal policy and debt

Ng Lye Heng


Lye Heng possessed 13 years of working experience in the banking industry and is a derivative specialist. He started his banking career in the early 1990s and held roles as principal derivative trader and product structurer. He traded derivatives on stock indices and fixed incomes in global financial markets, spanning Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, New York and Chicago. He concluded his career in the financial industry by managing market risk on the global trading book of a local bank.

In 2004, Lye Heng set up Salmon Thrust, offering training and consultancy in the areas of Investment, Treasury and Wealth Management. Clients include various global banks such as Citibank where he conducted a series of comprehensive investment workshops for the 200-odd relationship managers based in Singapore. To date, he has provided learning solutions across a variety of products and wealth management topics encompassing thousands of seminar delegate-days both in Singapore as well as in China. Lye Heng has also been a CFA trainer since 1999 and CAIA trainer since 2009.

Lye Heng holds a Master's degree in Social Science (Applied Economics) from National University of Singapore, and a Bachelor of Business degree (Financial Analysis) from Nanyang Technological University. He is a CFA, CAIA, and FRM. He also graduated from the MIT-Fintech certification program and has been advising several Fintech start-ups in Singapore.

Lye Heng is the author of 3 IBF-accredited FTS online Fintech courses “Understanding Fintech”, “Technologies Behind the Bitcoin and its Blockchain”, and “Analyzing Bitcoins and Other Cryptocurrencies”.

The Financial Training Scheme (“FTS”)

The Salmon Thrust CPD Series is aimed at raising the competencies of Covered Persons. This course is recognised under the IBF Financial Training Scheme. Completion of this course can be counted towards the fulfilment of the non-STS portion for CACS CPD.

The Financial Training Scheme (“FTS”) is a training incentive scheme supported by the Financial Sector Development Fund (FSDF). The scheme supports financial sector-specific training programmes that raise the competency of the financial sector.

All our programmes are approved for listing on the Financial Training Scheme (FTS) Programme Directory and are eligible for FTS claims, subject to all eligibility criteria being met. For latest development on the Funding Support for IBF FTS, please visit the Financial Training Scheme site.

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Key Macroeconomic Concepts for Financial Professionals


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Course Features
  • Duration
    1 Day
  • CPD
    7 Hours
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