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Client acquisition carries a commitment to consistently expand on the width of one’s reach to potential clients. The assumption: get the quantity and you will find the quality. Is this really true? Is there real efficiency in such an approach? How to grow with quality and control? Are there better ways that we can actually run a quality clients-based business in Private Banking with a better crafted out clients-acquisition strategy?

The following course introduces participants to key factors that challenge Private Bankers to consider how they are growing their centre of influence for client acquisition and who and where to extend this reach. It will provide practical but insightful perspectives for PBs to evaluate their present practices and explore new practices or initiatives that will grow their businesses. For those who are already succeeding in their trade, the session may provide more thoughts for them, or even assist them with a systematic approach to better peer-inspire their fellow bankers.

Target Audience

Relationship Managers with at least 3 years of working experience in Private Banking

Course Objectives

  • Review existing customer acquisition and retention plans
  • Develop research construct on customer insights and customer behaviours to understand new customer profiles
  • Recommend customer segments to acquire
  • Determine personal preferences and needs of targeted customers within market segments
  • Establish customer acquisition plans to acquire new customers
  • Manage and develop customer relationships and maintain customer confidentiality, to ensure credibility and attract new customers
  • Evaluate customer responses to determine if customer needs and expectations are met

Course Outline

Client Acquisition Strategies & Structures

  • Defining Client Acquisition Strategy
    • Key Factors in Clients’ Acquisition Strategies/Models
    • 4 Important Approaches that will assist in better Client Acquisition efforts
  • Client Acquisition Framework
    • Four generic aspects of Client Acquisition Framework
    • Simplifying the framework into sectors
    • Client Acquisition Strategy
      • Flow of Client Acquisition strategy processes
      • Marketing Funnels and Process of Engagement

Client Acquisition Strategies affecting Private Banks

  • Common Clients’ Acquisition Approach in Private Banks
    • Where and What Private Banks do to look for clients.
  • Shifting Terrain of Private Banks affecting Clients Acquisition
    • The Digital Difference
    • The Customer Expectations
  • Client Acquisition Framework in Private Banks
    • Five aspects of clients engagement

Segmentation: A Key Client Acquisition Approach

  • Generic Segmentation Approach
  • 2-tier Segmentation process and research approach
  • Segmentation in Private Banks

Understanding CAC: Clients Acquisition Cost

  • Defining Clients’ Acquisition Cost
  • Understanding the Need to Balance CAC
    • Understanding cost factors in CAC
    • Identifying LTV or CLTV – Customer Lifetime Value
    • Quantitative measurement of CAC to study the ROI of Client Acquisition Strategy

Regulatory Issues in Clients Acquisition in Private Banking

  • Regulatory Issues key to CA processes
  • Client Confidentiality & Client Confidence
  • Ethical Issues and Code of Conduct in Client Acquisition Strategies

Sustainability in Growth – Practical Acquisition Principles in Private Banking

  • Inside-out challenges faced by Private Banks/Bankers in Clients Acquisition
  • The four steps approach for review and implementation:

Assessment - MCQ

About IBF Certification

This course addresses the following Technical Skills and Competencies (TSCs) and Proficiency Level (PL):

  • Customer Acquisition Management (Level 4)

Participants are encouraged to access the IBF MySkills Portfolio to track their training progress and skills acquisition against the Skills Framework for Financial Services. You can apply for IBF Certification after fulfilling the required number of Technical Skills and Competencies (TSCs) for the selected job role.

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